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Our Team

Oregon CBD is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jack Hempicine LLC.  We have no investors or financial interests we are beholden to.  We are two brothers working together with friends, family, and other forward-thinking farmers to reinvigorate the industrial hemp economy in the United States.  We do this by providing technically advanced cultivars that allow other growers to push the agronomic boundaries of cannabis cultivation.

Our principals (Seth and Eric Crawford, pictured above) have 25 years of combined cannabis production experience and bring unique skill sets to the hemp industry.  Eric earned two degrees from Oregon State University (Horticulture and Environmental Science), then founded and successfully sold a leading Eugene-based sustainable landscaping construction company.  Seth earned degrees from OSU (BA (English), MPP (Public Policy)) and from the University of Oregon (MS and Ph.D. (Sociology)), published research on the political economy of cannabis, and is a recognized cannabis policy expert.  Both were cannabis breeders and medical growers before entering the newly legalized domestic hemp industry in 2015.  Today, these southern Oregon brothers operate one of the world’s leading cannabis breeding companies in the heart of the Willamette valley.



Chris Egli joined us in June 2016 to farm hemp and live in the country (Polk County, USA).  He resides at our primary R&D site, manages our greenhouse programs, and provides much needed philosophical grounding. Chris is an accomplished builder and an extraordinary soundscape architect.  We rely on his keen powers of observation to keep us out of our own way.





James Searls (BS, Horticulture, OSU) helped out during the 2016 season and has joined us full time in 2017 as our R&D field manager.  James is overseeing 110k cannabis plants and the 63 acres of transitioning organic land they will reside on.  If all goes well, he will be responsible for the production / harvest of 120k pounds of flower material–that’s the equivalent of about half of Oregon’s total cannabis demand.  Not bad for an Iowan transplant!




Mitch Pyles (BS, Horticulture and Sustainability, OSU) joined our team in April 2017 to take over propagation and genetic resource management.  Mitch has an extensive background in the Oregon cannabis industry and will be applying those insights to help us compete in the global hemp marketplace.  Mitch is a native of Corvallis, OR.





Anna Goodlove (BS, Horticulture and Agriculture, Oregon State University) joined the crew in June 2017 to keep our plants healthy.  With a strong background in propagation, cannabis pest management, and strategic organizing, she is helping to bring our operational practices into the 21st century.  Anna hails from the bagel capital of the world on the far east coast (Chicago).




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