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Our Team

Our principals (Seth and Eric Crawford, pictured above) have 30 years of combined cannabis production experience and bring unique skill sets to the hemp industry.  Eric earned two degrees from Oregon State University (Horticulture and Environmental Science), then founded and successfully sold a leading Eugene-based sustainable landscaping construction company.  Seth earned degrees from OSU (BA (English), MPP (Public Policy)) and from the University of Oregon (MS and Ph.D. (Sociology)), published research on the political economy of cannabis, and is a recognized cannabis policy expert.  Both were cannabis breeders and medical growers before entering the newly legalized domestic hemp industry in 2015.  Today, these southern Oregon brothers operate one of the world’s leading cannabis breeding companies, with research and production sites dotting the rolling hills of Oregon’s picturesque Willamette valley.

Propagation Team

Mitch Pyles, Propagation Manager (BS, Horticulture and Sustainability, Oregon State University)

Anna Goodlove, Propagation Lead / Special Projects Coordinator (BS, Horticulture and Agriculture, Oregon State University)

Katie Field, Propagation Technician

Thecla Schoenenberger, Propagation Technician (Pursuing BS in Horticulture, Oregon State University)

The A-Team

Chris Egli, Suver R&D Facility Manager

James Searls, R&D Field Manager (BS, Horticulture, Oregon State University)

Nicholas Cinelli, Albany Production Co-Manager

David Gilad, Albany Production Co-Manager

Christian Field, Digital Imaging

Melissa Beard, Small Farm Coordinator

Aidan Stanley-Brah, Smasher of Things

Jessica Samples, RN, Analytical Sampling and Staff Nurse (BS, Natural Resources, Oregon State University; RN, Linn-Benton Community College)

Hsuan Chen, Ph.D., Research Scientist (Ph.D., Horticulture, Oregon State University)

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