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Wholesale R&D Flowers

Wholesale CBD and CBG 2018 Forward Contracts Available

We grow some of the highest CBD and CBG content plants in the world as part of our breeding trials and are happy to share our bounty with federally legal CBD and CBG product manufacturers in any US state.  Our terpene-rich flowers are 100% biodynamically produced in the Oregon’s fertile Willamette Valley using nothing but organic compost, fresh river water, and sunlight.  No sprays–ever!  Our flowers have all been examined by the Oregon Department of Agriculture and passed THC compliance tests–copies of our tests are included when shipping to other states or internationally.  We sell out of material every year, so please contact us directly a year in advance to secure supply contracts.  As of 10/15/17, our 2017 crop has been sold.

For 2018, we offer supply contracts for the following material types:

  1. Trimmed CBD flower (15%+ CBD) — 100 pound minimum order
  2. Trimmed CBG flower (15%+ CBG) — 100 pound minimum order
  3. High quality CBD trim (15%+ CBD) — 250 lb. minimum order
  4. High quality CBG trim (15%+ CBG) — 250 lb. minimum order
  5. Ultra high quality CBD trim (20%+ CBD) — 250 lb. minimum order
  6. Ultra high quality CBG trim (20%+ CBG) — 250 lb. minimum order

Our material can be shipped via standard freight to anywhere in the US and to many countries internationally.  Trimmed flowers are sealed in 55 gallon FDA approved drums (with plastic liner) and shipped 4 per pallet.  Our various grades / chemotypes of trim material are sealed in FDA approved “Super Sacks” (with plastic liner) and shipped 1 per pallet (picture below).

***Despite 10,000 years of recorded human consumption of cannabis as a dietary supplement, the FDA requires that we not make any claims about the medical efficacy of adding one or more of our products to your diet.***