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2018 Seed Varieties

2018 Production Varieties

Purchasing seed is the most important business decision farmers make each year.  We encourage prospective clients to extensively research what is available in the hemp industry and compare it to our work, as all seed is not created equal; we are confident that our in-house R&D program is delivering the most unique and useful 100% type III hemp qualified varieties in the world, with 100% female plants from seed guaranteed through genetic testing and large scale field trials (1 in 4000 is phenotypically male, despite XX chromosomes).  Question vendors offering seeds that seem too good to be true or inadequately described (“mostly feminized”, “mostly pure”, “mostly early”, or anything else “mostly” unsubstantiated!).  Our seed is the real deal and will allow forward-thinking farmers to push past previous agronomic boundaries in cannabis production.

For 2018, we updated and added new hybrids to our immensely popular “Early Series” varieties that begin flowering when total daylight drops to 900 minutes per day (mid-July @ 45N).  These game-changing photoperiod varieties allow farmers to begin harvesting in early September and have the entire crop in by the end of September.  After three years of line breeding, testing, selection, and extensive field trials, we’ve added several newly developed, line bred mothers to our early series offerings.  The pollen donor for the 2018 early series (our ERB (“Early Resin Berry”) line, further improved and stabilized) ensures early flowering, unmatched hybrid vigor, robustness, high oil content, and 30:1+ CBD to THC averages.  The early flowering characteristic and careful selection allows us to offer exotic terpene combinations, flower structures, and resin content that would not normally finish in northern latitudes–perfect for whole plant extractions or the trimmed flower market.

2018 Early Series Seed Catalog


Autoflowering Series — Available March 2018 (more details to come)

RNA (“Really Nice Auto”)

In addition to our photoperiod series, we are publicly releasing one of our day neutral (i.e. “autoflowering”) varieties.  This line flowers after about 30 days of vegetative growth and is perfect for farmers with a limited growing season or those looking for multiple harvests each year.  Direct seeding is the best option and, when conditions are right, result in plants that finish 3′-4′ tall with nice branching, are machine harvestable, and provide heavy yields of CBD oil and exotic terpenes.  100% day neutral and can produce a 1/2 pound of useable flowers per plant without much trouble (good root space and early transplanting / direct sowing maximize yield).  The terpene profile of this line is a sweet orange / tangerine and is great for whole plant extraction.