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We apply cutting edge cannabis science and traditional breeding techniques to empower farmers with the most technically sophisticated varieties on the market.  Our 2016 seed lines produced exceptional plants with industry-leading cannabinoid and terpene levels, remarkable mold and mildew resistance in the midst of record Oregon rainfall, and an astounding 100% compliance rate on ODA THC testing. This was the result of expert selection, thousands of lab tests, and the culmination of 25 years of cannabis breeding experience–not an accident or random cross pollination!

Our 2017 seed offerings continue to push the agronomic boundaries of federally legal cannabis production and, unlike Colorado varieties (“Cherry Wine”, “Otto II”, etc. ) are tailored to Oregon’s unique ecology.  We are offering Oregon’s first commercial release of feminized seed (i.e. 100% female) to ensure that large-scale hemp farms can peacefully coexist with other cannabis producers.  We are also incorporating our breakthrough research on photoperiod sensitivity and hybridization to offer seed lines guaranteed to finish early (harvest in September) and allow for staggered harvests throughout the fall (critical when drying space is at a premium).

We recommend that farmers interested in industrial hemp production for 2018 secure feminized planting seed by next fall, as our lines tend to sell out very quickly.

Why do we sell out so quickly?  Check out our test results.  The average CBD content of varieties we offer are higher than many festival winners…proof is in the field!


One of our early flowering test plants from the 2016 season.  2 lbs. of useable flowers on this one, harvested in mid-September.  Grown on 6′ x 6′ spacing.  We averaged 1.5 lbs. per plant using this approach.  Planning on growing our early series?  We recommend running them on 4’x6′ spacing (4′ in row, 6′ between rows) to maximize yield; using this approach will allow farmers to consistently hit 1 ton of useable flowers per acre.